Ambien Vs Nuvigil

Sleep disorders can be very troublesome and tiresome as well. You would not be able to get any refreshing sleep and this can make you groggy or tired the next day. Not only trouble to sleep but being unable to control excessive sleep can also sway your mind and body to feel less than adequately refreshed. This can be really frustrating unless you take the right medication for your condition. Sleep problems can be usually sorted out with the appropriate sleep medication but with ambien and nuvigil, two sleep disorder pills that work in the opposite fashion, taking either one may help with your problem. Read on to see which drug you should choose for your condition.


Ambien is one of the most popular sleeping pills available today from It is the first drug that pops into one’s mind when thinking of an effective remedy for insomnia. The Zolpidem brand drug helps to induce sleep in the sleep-deprived person within ten to fifteen minutes of taking it. While the drug may be very effective, Ambien is recommended only for short-term treatment and its use can also result in very harmful side effects. Ambien is classified as a Schedule IV drug due to its potential for abuse and addiction. Hence it is not possible to get Ambien without prescription. The potency of Ambien is very high and even the lower dose of 5 mg is sufficient for many insomnia patients to fall asleep easily with this drug.


Nuvigil, the brand name for Armodafinil, on the other hand, is prescribed for use in persons who suffer from narcolepsy or excessive daytime sleepiness. Those who have a difficult time staying awake can benefit very well by taking the appropriate dose of Nuvigil. There may be a few side effects felt like anxiousness or restlessness that can be controlled once the person becomes used to taking the drug. Sometimes other drugs may be required to combat the side effects of taking Nuvigil. This drug also belongs to the schedule IV class and requires a prescription to take it. When taken right, the drug is very effective in promoting wakefulness.

Which drug to choose for your sleep disorder?

Since one drug helps you fall asleep and the other one keeps you awake, you may wonder why these two are being compared and how it can help your sleep disorder. Most sleeping problems occur because the sleep cycle is not regulated properly. Taking either Ambien or Nuvigil can help you in regulating sleep but it all depends on the exact nature of your condition. If sleeping too much in the daytime is a bother then you can try to increase night time sleep with Ambien. If you feel exhausted during the day but are unable to fall asleep, you could try Nuvigil to work actively in the daytime and get restful sleep at night. It is always advisable to take either Nuvigil or Ambien only after consulting with and getting the prescription from a health care provider.