Benadryl Vs. Lunesta

Are there any difference between Lunesta and Benadryl medication? To understand this, we have to look on the details about these drugs.


Benadryl is an anti-histamine medication. This drug blocks the effects of natural histamine in the body and this is done with the help of diphenhydramine. When Benadryl is taken, it would help you to treat certain allergic reactions like cough, cold, watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy nose, hives, rashes and sneezing.


Lunesta medication works as a sedative and contains active ingredient called as Eszopiclone. This main ingredient has an impact on natural chemicals that are present in the brain. The hypnotic drug is well known for converting those imbalanced natural chemicals to the balanced one. When this occurs, people who suffer from sleep problems can get some good sleep. This drug is primarily taken to treat insomnia condition. After taking Lunesta medication, a person can feel relaxed and this enables to sleep. Lunesta not only helps in achieving sleep but also helps to stay asleep.

What are the major differences between these medications?

First, let us focus on Benadryl medication. Individuals who take this medication would use it only for a certain period of time. This means that they take the drug only when they get some allergic symptoms. When the season passes by, people do not get allergic and it won’t be as severe as it used to be. Few among the people would also stop taking the drug as they do not need it anymore. Due to this many people would be keeping expired Benadryl medication with them. But again when they get allergic symptoms, they cannot use this drug.

When a person asks about this to pharmacists, they would recommend that if the medication is stored properly then he or she would not have any issues. But, if you keep it out of the package or not correctly stored then the medication would go bad very fast. If this happens, then the treatment won’t work well.

When it comes to Lunesta, it is different to a certain extent. This is a prescription only medication hence can be taken only after consulting with a doctor. Lunesta is a very powerful medication and it should be taken with at most care before the expiration date. In case of Benadryl, you would have little flexibility. But with regards to Lunesta, you cannot take this medication past the expiration date because the ingredients that are present in this medication would be degraded. When an individual takes the medication after the expiration period then there are high chances that he or she would be affected by side effects.

So, one of the major differences between both these drugs is that you cannot take a medication after its expiration period. Benadryl can be taken after some time past its expiration period only if the drug is stored in a proper way and kept in the appropriate packaging but the other medication has too much of risks if you try to do the same with it.